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Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Energy And Life?

And stop allowing people to take, to use and to abuse your beautiful energy once and for all?

UNFUCKWITHABLE is a 5 weeks course for the shy and introverts, the people pleaser, the pushovers, for those afraid to say no, for those who'd rather make themselves small and quiet and accommodate other people's disrespect than set a boundary.



The Why

The shy and introvert, the people pleaser, the pushover, the one afraid to say no, the one who'd rather make herself small and quiet and accommodate other people's disrespect than set a boundary cause she's too afraid to speak up... that was all me. 

I have been the very first student of the Boundaries course.

And the test subject!

I was never taught to have boundaries, with others, with the world, nor with myself. I had zero personal space growing up and overbearing parents.

I was taught to do what my parents expected of me, to be quiet and only speak when spoken to. I did not have the freedom to express my desires, and the very rare times I did, these weren't heard. So I stopped trying.

I had no boundaries at work, or with men and friends. I was incapable of saying no, or asking for a raise that reflected the responsibilities I was given. I was over-giving and people pleasing to managers, friends and romantic partners, I accepted things that were not good for me.

When I started my healing journey I realised just how deeply the lack of boundaries was harming me. I realized I need to implement boundaries and protect my energy because I was being drained from every single connection in my life.


So I learned and healed.

I learned to heal the reason why I hadn't been able to implement boundaries; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.


And I healed each of these points.

Every time a new violation was felt, I took the time to look with an open mind as the why it was happening.

I went from people pleaser, shy, introvert to an introvert with healthy and loving boundaries that are tight AF.

it was scary to set these boundaries at first, but the more I saw how it was harming me, my energy, the more I fell in love with myself and the more it was simply not possible to let anything violate my energy in any way, shape or form.

Boundaries come from radical self-love.

Boundaries are to be taught and this course is teaching you.
















starting January 31st

  • a 5 weeks course

  • containing a mix of modules, practices, exercises and journaling prompts

  • a private group chat (where no personal details such as phone number, names, private pictures need to be revealed)

  • weekly live coaching callsfor your most burning questions

  • access to the content forever!

launch price: 199€

until January 21st, then price goes up!



1. Will this include energy healings?

Yes! As an energy worker I am going to teach you to do some energy work on yourself.

2. I don't know how to do energy work, can I still do the course?

Yes absolutely!

The guided meditations and practices are designed for those who are not energy workers and want to know how to heal themselves.

The energy work portions are designed for energy awareness, becoming more conscious of your energy and energetic boundaries.

2. Are the healings intense? Will it be complicated?

The practices are simple to follow. You can do them in bed, or on your yoga mat, in the rising or before sleep, in the shower...​

Healing is you deprogramming yourself, releasing fear and trauma, and unaligned energies. Your resistance to this is what makes it intense, or not.

In the UNFUCKWITHABLE course because we will go over your unhealthy bonds, and attachments, people in your life using your energy, abusing it, the Truths revealed to you may be a little overwhelming at times.

However, the beauty of the work is that it can be done many time, allowing you to circle back to a wound and go deeper, each time healing a deeper layer.

3. Will I have access to the healings  and practices after the course is over?

Yes, you have access to the content forever.

4. I'm unsure, do you offer refunds?

I trust every client in their financial sovereignty. I do not need to sell or convince you. It is all your decision whether an offering is for you or not.

You know wether you need to be there.

As such, I do not offer refunds.