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Master Love & Abundance energetics

allow yourself to receive it all, finally

This group immersion is for the Feminines who desire to:

Feel held, safe and provided for by the Masculine

Step out of the scarcity mindset

Embody Abundance

Move from the Heart instead of from Ego & Fear

Release the blockages to Abundance by tending to the root of the issue

Unearth and heal the wounds buried deep within

Learn to feel safe with The Universe

Feel safe surrendering

Open to receive

Restore their relationship with money

Manifest effortlessly

Relax into Flow & Ease

Feel worthy of Abundance

Stop self-sabotaging Love & Abundance

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Into the Sun

a container for the Feminines who are ready to

⚘ Become true creators, and create the life they dream of, desire and deserve;

⚘ Take radical responsibility for their life, whilst letting go of control;

⚘ Restore their relationship with Source and lean into the loving arms of The Universe;

⚘ Restore their relationship with the Masculine, and open themselves to receive from their Masculine Counterpart;

⚘ Restore their relationship with Money and allow Money to flow to them, in increasing amount without putting in any more time, energy or work;

⚘Release hustle and boss babe energies, release the energy of hard work for little rewards;

⚘ Embody Flow & Ease;

⚘ Be held, truly and completely.


Welcome, lovely

The Details

This is a 6 weeks group immersion.

Each session is a live 2 to 3h workshop that contains an informative lecture style part paired with practical exercises, in the form of embodiment work and energetic practices.

These consists of breathwork, meditation, journaling, Shamanic Healing Journeys (an astral travel experience into your energy, your astral space with energy healing work done safely under my guidance).

Each session is a healing of yourself, as such the 6 weeks period will be an intensive growth period, a Tower moment of all that was built on shaky, fearful soil or Love that came with limitations. 

Each session is recorded and you receive lifetime access to the recordings.

The live sessions give you the space to ask questions. A group chat will also be available for the Feminines to share their journey, realisations and wins.

Because of the energy work component, it is primordial that you show up to the session completely sober, free from any alcohol and recreational drugs 24h prior the sessions.

Avoid driving and/or operating heavy machineries 2h before and after the workshop.


The Magic inside


Into the Sun

you in...?

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Join the group starting April 1st for a expansive 6 weeks
message me for the payment plan option

Do you want to chat and make sure this program is for you?

Send me an email or a message an Instagram ♡
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