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channeled words

You cannot wield the Elements the same way you wield other energies.

It’s a symbiosis.

It moves, it thinks, it merges with you and acts with you, through you, and for you.

The Elements have physical embodiments on our Earth. They are sentient beings.

They can deny you. They can refuse themselves to you.

Who you choose to be determines how the Elements are with you.


If you want to simply control them and are not feeling them, you will only access a piece of their power.

Nothing is yours. You are but a vessel.


The Elements.

The duality of what you are and what you feel, know.

The Elements connect to your anger, your Feminine energy. Your Masculine energy. Your emotions.

Learning to channel and wield them is accepting healing on these matters too.

Can you flow?

Can you pass a tree and answer their plea for help?

Can you surrender to a partnership? The energy of Elemental power feels.

It feels Earth.



And it acts consequently.

With you. Within you.


Not owner and slave.


Becoming an Elemental practitioner is an emotional journey.

It is shadow work.

The more you heal within and unleash your power, face your fears and traumas,

The deeper the connection to the Elements.

The more powerful you become.


Elemental practice is emotional alchemy.

The Elements let you wield them to the extent you’re ready to feel yourself.



Water guides you to your emotions, to flow and surrender.

The Moon guides towards more flow, towards your Feminine energy. It connects you to a cycle, you become more aware of it, you feel the moon phases more intensely and more deeply, certain flowers resonate with you deeper, it deepens your intuition flow.

Earth connects you to Gaia and all its habitants, the sentient beings that are overlooked, to the trees and to order and harmony. Earth is protective and loving. It helps you stay grounded into your own heart.

See the similarity between the two words.

Fire connects you to your rage and pain, it unleashes your passion. It burns away the chains, fuels your pride, your love of all things, but most importantly for yourself.

Air is about seeing the unseen, the changes, the perspective. Air sees all others do not, it sees more, and differently. It is changing your perception, seeing things under a new light until you see all, clearly. Air is you asking, whatever is, to show its true self and being able to see it without judgment or imbued perception.

The Sun is the life force, the ultimate warmth. It is abundance and joy, it is vitality and health. It nourishes your Body, and Soul. The Sun is that unstoppable fire, the one that burns within you and all of us, the ones that bring life or death by its presence. The Sun is adored and revered, and feared, but no matter what, it is always.


Elemental Practice is a long integration process.

To become a Elemental Practitioner and really be one with the Elemental it'll take you around 3 years.

The Elemental works in cycle with you, such as Nature. Be patient with yourself, keep facing your Truth and dropping deeper into your Heart.


Important information

An attunement cannot be undone.

Once you are attuned, it is for life. You could consciously choose to not use energy anymore, but you remain attuned to it, and you also remain more receptive to  energy in general.

This is not a decision to take lightly. It is a lifelong commitment.


There are three levels


This course teaches you the fundamentals of energy manipulation and the Elementals.


This course dives deeper into energy polarity, positive/negative, life/death, cycles and understanding and manipulating frequency.


This courses is via application only.

It dives into the timelines building and remodelling, and traveling into past lives, selves and past events.

The levels

  • You do not need to complete all three levels of the Elemental practice, level One is sufficient for your self healing.

  • In order to join a level, you need to have completed the level prior.

  • It is impossible to teach all of this information in a long term course for the simple reason that some time needs to pass for certain attunements to be completed.

  • An attunement to the Sun element cannot be completed in close proximity to a Fire attunement. Time needs to pass for Fire to be integrated, and for the person to have learn to wield Fire and a handle on their Fire. The Moon and Lightning Elements have similar requirements.

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