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Do you want to learn how to wield energy and practice your own healings?

You cannot wield the Elements the same way you wield other energies.

It’s a symbiosis.

Are you ready to embark on a Self-Love journey, to release all the fear and pain accumulated over this life and many others?

To connect deeper to Love and deeper to the Elements?

To heal yourself through your own magick?

If yes, then join the Elementals.


attune yourself to the Elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth and learn to manipulate energy


My Work, My Gifts

In my sessions I use the following modalities:

  • Elemental: I mainly work with the Elements of Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Time, Space, Volcano, Lightning, Sun & Moon, Tree.

  • Usui Reiki: I was attuned to all levels of Reiki in February 2020. I am a Reiki Master.

  • Seichim: a form of energy I unlocked through my Akashic Records. whilst it is commonly called Seichim Reiki it is very different than Usui. Seichim is flow.  It is a deeply watery form of energy, Feminine. It is gentle and soothing, and works tremendously well with emotional blockages, the Feminine energy and the flow of things.

  • Heavenly Fire: the fire that makes up Archangel Michael's sword. He gifted this energy to me, 'attuned' me to it during a womb healing session back in 2020. I use it to burn contracts and fuckshit.

  • Dragon's Fire: I have dragons on my Divine Team who sometime offer their fire to help transmute the denser energies but mainly assist the individual with fierceness.

I work with the following beings:

  • My Highest Self, Divine Team of Benevolent Beings, Ancestors and Loa who only come to look after me and will not touch your energy;

  • Archangels (Michael, Raphael and Jophiel);

  • Mother Mary (she comes through when there is some inner child healing to be done, she assists with the energies of compassion & maternal love, mothering the self);

  • Yeshua / Christ (he assists with the energy of forgiveness & invalidation);

  • Akashic Records;

  • Source.

Mon travail, Mes Dons

Lors de mes session, j'utilise les types d'énergies suivantes:

  • Elemental: Je travaille essentiellement avec les énergies de l'Eau, la Terre, le Feu, l'Air, le Soleil, la Lune, le Temps, l'Espace, la Foudre, le Volcan, les Arbres.

  •  Reiki Usui: je suis Maître Reiki depuis février 2020. 

  • Seichim: un forme de Reiki qui vient de l'Égypte ancienne, et qui est connectée à la rivière du Nil. Le Seichim est une forme de Reiki aqueuse, qui coule. Extrêmement puissant sur les blocages émotionels, avec le flux et l'aisance, et l'énergie féminine.C'est une forme d'énergie douce et apaisante.

  • Feu Divin: une énergie de feu dont l'Archange Michael m'a fait don en 2020 lors d'une session de soin de l'utérus. Un feu extrêmement puissant, que j'utilise pour la transmutation d'énergies, brûler les contrats d'âmes et toutes les petites merdes qui traînent dans l'énergie.

  • Feu de dragon: j'ai des dragons dans mon équipe divine qui parfois proposent leur feu pour la transmutation d'énergies denses et stagnantes, mais aussi pour aider l'individu à être plus farouche et fort.

Je travaille avec les êtres suivants:

  • Mon Moi le Plus Haut, mon Équipe Divine d'Êtres Bienveillants, mes Ancêtres et Loas, qui sont là pour ma protection et ne touche pas ton énergie;

  • Archanges (Michael, Raphaël, Jophiel essentiellement);

  • Marie (compassion et amour maternel, elle vient souvent lors de soin sur l'enfant intérieur);

  • le Christ / Yeshua (le pardon);

  • Dragons;

  • Annales Akashiques;

  • Source.

Three ways to profoundly expand your growth


1:1 Love healing container

Choose between 2. options:

5 or 10 sessions.


For the spiritual worker who desires to grow their skills, in a tailored approach.

A tailored session designed to help you find your true purpose in this life.

Identifying soul gifts, abundance flow, and healing points.

The Moon

The Moon


Moving through phases. Sometimes shining bright, sometimes hiding in plain sight. Always whole regardless.

The Moon is a space of healing, a space of Truth, a space of respect of Divine guidance. Wether shining light on your wounds or your path ahead, the Moon always aims to bring you into flow. Allowing your beingness, surrendering to change, receiving, and feeling.

This space is for you if you enjoy reading, and are open to receive the answers you were looking for.

this space is for you if you desire to move from the Heart, rather than the Mind, or the Ego.

The Moon

11,11 €


Every month

shining light on what is ready to be seen & healed 💜

Valid until canceled

Energetic Guidance for your self-healing

Channeled messages (Self-Love, Union, Abundance)


Are you ready to take radical responsibility for your expansion?