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a 4 months group immersion that centers around restoring the relationship between you and your Feminine, the Masculine, Spirit and Money.


Hello :-)

I am Highly sensitive (HSP), Autistic and ADHD healer.​ 

My work is centred around the Feminine, Women and our Wealth: wealth of wisdom, of ancestral gifts & resources, healing energy, of love, our wealth of power.

I am a Psychic & Medium, I am Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant and Clairallient; through my abilities, I channel information, read the energy and guide my clients into their own depths whilst ensuring everyone's energy is handled with care, safely.

My gifts, combined with my curiosity and depth of processing have enabled me to walk different paths, find new ways to experience the peace, the love and the abundance I yearned for my whole life.

My nature is quite introverted and calm, observant and shy, perhaps in large part due to my HSP and Autism. So the corporate life never agreed with me. Everything felt fast  paced, rushed, brutal, constant, loud, and cold. Despite working at people's wellbeing, I felt such disconnection between management and the actual people, resistance to create healthy environments that I struggled operating.

I wanted a life where I was helping people, particularly women like me, the sensitive and soft, build a life that respected these aspects of themselves.

To build a life where we would do not need to compromise our sensitivity, our softness, by hardening and silencing our needs and values.

I desired an abundant soft life, that held space for my emotions, my art, rest and fun. And I built one. And you can too. Without sacrificing yourself to adhere to boss energetics, hustle culture, and scarcity marketing techniques.

It took me nearly 3 years to understand this, learn it and apply it into my life, watching the transformation.

it took me 3 years to slowly unmask into my neurodivergence, and restore my Feminine energy and the relationship with Spirit and the Masculine. Learning to be held, giving space to being taken care of, receiving miracles.

This 3 months group immersion is all that I have learned and integrated during this time without the twists and turns, the needed failures to understand what was not working, the resistance to follow Spirit's guidance because I was scared I would not receive what I needed, because I didn't believe I would be held. How could I? I had only wounded Masculines in my life and seen them in my mother's life. How could I trust this Masculine energy that asked for nothing but my trust and surrender in order to pour into me? it seemed crazy and yet....

My prayer

While birthing this offering, I went through many emotions... 

Spirit first whispered this idea to me in early 2022... I was scared, uncertain. in retrospect I see that I simply wasn't ready to step into and embody the person I would be following presenting this group immersion, but also, I was scared to do something different and to fail remarkably at it. I was an energy worker, a healer through doing, through actions, suddenly I was  guided to be a healer through sole embodiment, by trusting who I am, my voice  is enough, is worth it.

And to top it all of, I was scared that in doing something new, I wouldn't be held and provided for; I was scared to trust. I was scared to take that leap of faith.

This translated into my Divine Partnership and the openness to receive my Counterpart, the depths to which I was ready to let him in, was parallel to the depths of which I was allowing money to pour into me, the depths of which I was allowing Spirit to lead me.

My inner prayer while birthing this offering is that other Feminines who are feeling that nudge, who are on the verge of something great, find it in themselves, through this container to leap into the unknown, and radically open to receive all that goodness.

To receive Union;

To fully embody your true Self;

To feel safe in softness & vulnerability;

To heal the past, let go of resentment and anger, let go of the pain you were holding onto (consciously or not);

To always receive the money you need and desire;

To know with absolute certainty that you are held, and taken care of, loved and cherished.

raphaellacarmen buisson.jpg

The program

The group immersion is a live program, with weekly calls and a members only group chat.

Each week we move through a specific topic; clarity is first achieved through understanding the wounds & fears you have been operating from and dissecting the ways they have reverberating into your physical life, then we move into healing through energy and embodiment exercises.

The classes are recorded and uploaded for the group's private access. These are yours to keep forever.

The Body, Mind and Soul are a symbiosis; they work together, as such in order to heal something it needs to be addressed through each part of you.

Your Body holds energy and it needs to move, your Mind needs to be rewired, and your Heart / Soul need to release energy it holds onto. In sum, it's a complete operating system cleanse upgrade and reboot that you need.

And you receive that through the Divine Union program.

What to expect from this group immersion?

Divine Union was, named as such because it brings you into union:

  • with your true self: your fullest self that has been waiting to break free from their chains;

  • with Source: who has been wanting for you open up to your power, and to become a true creator of your life, to walk with them as opposed as against them in distrust, fear and resentment;

  • with wealth: aligning you with prosperity that doesn't sacrifice your Feminine nature, your desire for softness and rest, prosperity that doesn't require you to burn out due to your workload, to hustle out constantly;

  • with Love: an emotionally mature, conscious, healthy, passionate Love that requires no mask, no pretence, where you feel free and safe to be your true self, the self that you keep hidden within because you've been told you're too much, too sensitive, too this and that whenever you allow that part of you out.

rose pink_edited.jpg

As you become a whole different person, you consciously attract and align with completely different energies and situations.

The modules

1 / Chapter One: Fire

1: Healing the 'Father', or the 1st Masculine figure;

2: Spirit, Source, God, the Father you do not see & religious trauma;

3: Abandonment & Disappointment wounds: the unaddressed inner child pain;

4: Resentment & Anger: healing the Masculine image.

This chapter is clearing; it is a complete cleanse and heal of the root of your wounds with masculine energy(ies), Spirit, money.

2 / Chapter Two: Earth

5: Clarity & truth of your Heart: do you even know who you are, truly, at your core?;

6: The Princess wound: the ways you desire to be held and taken care of and how you demand it;

7: The fear of embodying your Heart's desire;

8: Softening: feel safe in softness, trusting yourself, your boundaries, your discernment.

This chapter is planting new seeds and tending the seeds that were not rotten, it is building new foundations on Truth & Love. Seeing clearly, finally. Clarity is awareness, awareness brings sovereignty.

Following this chapter, you will have new energetic boundaries and a new found, rock solid sovereignty.

3 / Chapter Three: Air

9: Sovereignty & Power: who the fuck told you who  had no power unless you moved from wounded Masculine energy?! Let's go meet your power;

10: Self-expression: Who do you project yourself to be? is your Feminine safe in being its true self? Is who you show yourself to be based on your Heart or mirrors?;

11: Self-communication: how do you talk to yourself? Abuse from wounded Masculine within, forgiveness & gentleness;

12: Vulnerability: asking from the Heart & Love, rather than demanding from Control & Fear

This chapter is about sovereignty, expression and communication. It is about new comprehension, clarity, seeing yourself clearly and expressing yourself truthfully.

This chapter is a major reworking of your voice, your Throat & Solar plexus energetic centers. 

4 / Chapter Four: Water

13: Money energy: meeting your money space, meeting the energy, understanding what is money and your current relationship with it, in particular energies of shame & guilt.

14: Receptiveness: your openness to receive. What has been hindering you from receiving all the Love, Money, Wealth and Pleasure you desire?

15: Receiving Money: from Masculine execution to Feminine surrender, releasing the pressure placed on the Self

16: Calling it all in: Love, Wealth, Help, Pleasure.... and receiving it with an open Heart.

This chapter is nourishment & receptiveness. It is going in depths with Love, seeing emotions buried so deep and digging them out with Love, through Love. This chapter is your readiness to be nourished, to be full.

black woman in sun and flowers.jpeg

The Divine Union container is a complete upgrade of your complete operating systems.
It is not just shifting mindset, and aligning... no, it's Death & Rebirth.


The financial

The 4 months group immersion is priced at 2222€, payable via bank transfer.

Instalments can be arranged.

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