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Hello :-)

I am Highly sensitive (HSP), Autistic and ADHD healer.​ 

My work is centred around the Feminine, Women and our Wealth: wealth of wisdom, of ancestral gifts & resources, healing energy, of love, our wealth of power.

I am a Psychic & Medium, I am Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant and Clairallient; through my abilities, I channel information, read the energy and guide my clients into their own depths whilst ensuring everyone's energy is handled with care, safely.

My gifts, combined with my curiosity and depth of processing have enabled me to walk different paths, find new ways to experience the peace, the love and the abundance I yearned for my whole life.

My nature is quite introverted and calm, observant and shy, perhaps in large part due to my HSP and Autism. So the corporate life never agreed with me. Everything felt fast paced, rushed, brutal, constant, loud, and cold. Despite working at people's wellbeing, I felt such disconnection between management and the actual people, resistance to create healthy environments that I struggled operating.

I wanted a life where I was helping women, particularly women like me, the sensitive and soft ones, build a life that respected these aspects of them, a life where we would do not need to compromise our sensitivity, our softness, by hardening and silencing our needs and values.

I desired an abundant soft life, that had space for my emotions, my art, rest and fun.

I desired to create a life with a lot of space to accommodate for spontaneity and motherhood (one day).

I desired love that was limitless and unconditional, soul-deep; a love that was mature, conscious partnership, a passionate friendship. A Love as deep as the ocean. 

And I created a life where I receive just that.

Now, I want to help others receive the life they dream of.

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xoxo raphaëlla

My Parcours

I was initiated into Caribbean Vaudou, in my homeland Martinique, in 2019. Whilst I don't professionally practice, this is an ancestral heritage that is close to my heart.

I became a Tarot reader and Usui Reiki Master in 2020. Reiki helped awaken dormant gifts: Elemental. 

As I began, offering energy healings professionally, I focused my work on Womb Healing, Self-Love and helping people reactivate dormant gifts or gifts from past lives.

My work shifted more onto the Feminine Wealth naturally. Perhaps because of the 181918719 Libra placements,  I have a very Venusian energy. Helping others believe in Love is beautiful work.

Love is Self-Love. And I've come to a place where I really want to help my clients understand that choices of Love cannot be decisions  made about The Other, that makes them Fear based, rooted in scarcity mindset. 

Any decision of Love must be a decision of love to The Self.

The reason why so many struggle to find the Love they yearn for, is because of the way they view themselves, treat themselves and allow the world to treat them. Aligning with Love means Unconditional Love for yourself.


Love notes, questions and mots doux....

I aim to respond to emails in about 5 working days. 

Thank you for your message, speak soon 💗

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